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Citizens for Lexington Conservation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the natural environment in the town of Lexington, Massachusetts.
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Upcoming Events




Winter Snowshoe Walks

CLC will be offering a first ever series of snowshoe walks this winter. The purpose of these walks will be to get outside and make use of those snowshoes that you may have long neglected while enjoying the winter scenery of New England winter. The use of ski poles is recommended, and don’t forget to bring your water bottle to avoid becoming dehydrated. Falling rain or heavy snow will cancel the walk. If snow cover is thin we will walk anyway but perhaps leave the snowshoes behind.


The walks will start at 1 PM and end at 3:30 PM. Walk Leader: Keith Ohmart (Kohmart@verizon.net; 781-862-6216) 


·      Sunday, January 11   Winter Snowshoe Walk at Katahdin Woods

           Meet in the parking lot for 110 Hartwell Avenue.


·      Sunday, January 25   Winter Snowshoe Walk at Burlington’s Landlocked Forest

           Meet at the parking area under the high tension power lines on Turning Mill Road.


·      Sunday, February 15   Winter Snowshoe Walk at Lot 1 of DCR’s Beaver Brook North Reservation

           Meet in the Employee parking lot at Brookhaven at Lexington, 1010 Waltham St. Bear to the right on entering the grounds at Brookhaven following the Event Parking signs. The lot is the first on your right.


Saturday, January 24, 8 - 10 AM                 Winter Bird Walk in Dunback Meadow

While this is a time of quiet in Dunback Meadow there remain possibilities of viewing unusual birds such as perching owls (Northern Saw-whet Owl, Barred Owl, and Great Horned Owl), Common Redpolls and Rough-legged Hawks. Our usual feathered residents, the Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Downy Woodpecker and Blue Jay, will be there also. If there is deep snow wear boots, as the walking can be rough. Beginners and children are welcome. If there is rain or a snowstorm, the walk would be cancelled. Meet at the entrance on Allen St. where parking is available.  Walk Leader:  Bobbie Hodson (robertahodson@comcast.net; 781-861-9421).


Thursday, January 29, 1:30 - 3 PM                 Winter Detectives at the Paint Mine

Who is prowling around the Paint Mine this time of year, and what have they been up to?  Who is sleeping winter away in this beautiful conservation area? Join us to explore tracks, food stashes, nests, cocoons, and other signs that critters leave behind in the winter.  If there is snow we’ll learn the basics of telling track stories about animal adventures. This event is geared towards elementary school children and their caregivers; children must be accompanied by an adult. Dress warmly! This event will be held with or without snow, but will be cancelled in case of heavy rain. Meet at the entrance near 54 Turning Mill Rd. Walk Leader: Fran Ludwig, (fludwig12@yahoo.com; 781-861-7231).


Saturday, March 21, 1 - 2:30 PM                  Winter Twig Walk at Hayden Woods

This walk is geared to adults and children 8 and up accompanied by an adult. Have you ever wondered how to identify trees in winter? Come learn how you can become a Twig Detective as we explore Hayden Woods. We will sharpen our observation skills, learn to use identification keys and develop an appreciation for the great variety of trees growing in Lexington. Terrain is varied so appropriate footwear is a must. Severe inclement weather will cancel the walk. Meet at the entrance at the end of Valleyfield St. Walk Leader: Linda Arnow (linda.arnow@gmail.com781-861-7397).

New! Junior Ranger Program

CLC is sponsoring a new program for children - the Junior Ranger Program - aimed at getting kids out into Lexington's Conservation properties with games and activities. In conjunction with Cary Memorial Library we have a booklet to guide children and their parents. The kids will visit several different Conservation areas, fill out some activity sheets that will guide nature observation, and can, upon completion, receive a Junior Ranger Certificate from the Library.

You can find the Junior Ranger booklet here.


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Let us know if there is an upcoming event that should be listed here.



Take a look!

New Trail Guide to Lexington’s Conservation Land Now Available


The Lexington Conservation Stewards have created a new Trail Guide to Lexington’s Conservation Land, which includes color trail maps along with descriptions and historical information for Lexington’s 25 walk-able conservation areas. Covering nearly 30 miles of trails, it is an essential book for both veteran trail users and new explorers who’d like to discover the forests, fields, and wetlands in Lexington.


The Trail Guide to Lexington’s Conservation Land is available, for a minimum donation of $10, at the Town of Lexington Community Development Office located in the Town Offices Building at 1625 Massachusetts Avenue. Proceeds benefit the Lexington Nature Trust Fund, which helps to care for our 1300 acres of public conservation land.


More information about the Conservation Department

Volunteer Opportunity

CLC is looking for a volunteer with a technical aptitude who enjoys organizing and paying attention to details. This person would manage the CLC database, using our Access 2007 data.


Duties would involve keeping track of names, addresses, dues status and email addresses of members, Town Meeting Members, Town Committee members, and candidates.


In addition, he or she would send emails about significant issues and events when requested by one of the co-chairmen of CLC, send out both the email and snail mail versions of our newsletter, and send out the questions we ask town candidates before elections.


The present holder of the position would be happy to provide any support needed.


If interested, please contact Eileen Entin (eileenhome@gmail.com


For further details about what the job entails, contact Kate Fricker (kfricker@alum.swarthmore.edu)


Articles of Interest

Check out ACROSS Lexington

Are you looking for a new route to walk, run or bike?

ACROSS Lexington is waiting for you - try it!

You can find route information here.

ACROSS Lexington stands for Accessing Conservation land, Recreation areas, Open space, Schools and Streets in Lexington.

What's that critter?

Lexington now has its very own field guide! Lexington Alive is available at the town Community Development Office (in the Town Offices Building, 1625 Mass Ave) for $6.00 cash or check. All proceeds go to the Lexington Nature Trust, which helps to care for Lexington's 1400 acres of conservation land.

Plant a tree for Lexington

Lexington 300 Tree Medallion
Lexington 300 Tree Medallion

A special Lexington Tercentennial tree medallion is now being sold by the Lexington Tree Committee to help celebrate our special year, according to Chairman John Frey, and to support our drive to plant 300 trees for the 300 years.

The medallion can be purchased and hung outdoors on a tree planted especially for 2013, or on a recently planted tree.  It also can be hung on a fancy ribbon and used to decorate a Christmas tree.

No more room for trees on your property?  Your purchase will nevertheless help plant street and park trees in other parts of the Town.  It will be a unique souvenir of Lexington’s 300th birthday, even for out-of-towners, and will still contribute to Lexington’s tree canopy.

Environmentalists will appreciate the fact that this drive encourages the planting of trees, with all the known benefits to the climate, such as carbon sequestration, temperature reduction, rain runoff reduction, etc.   

A limited run of only 300 medallions, sequentially numbered, have been produced.  The first medallion, #001, hangs on the Tricentennial Oak planted on the Green this spring, located roughly opposite the Buckman Tavern entrance. 

You can purchase medallions at the DPW front desk, 201 Bedford Street, or at the Visitors’ Center, 1875 Massachusetts Avenue.  The price is $15.00, which is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. 

Any profits from this sale will be used to underwrite street tree planting in Lexington.

The Tree Committee has been working since its inception in 2001 to promote and protect the public and private trees of the Town.


For further information contact: 

Karen Longeteig

Phone #:  781 862 4094

Email:  Karen.Longeteig@gmail.com


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Hayden Woods
Hayden Woods
Shaker Glen
Shaker Glen
Whipple Hill explorers
Whipple Hill explorers
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