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Citizens for Lexington Conservation promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of our natural environment through education and advocacy.
CLC is a non-profit organization in the town of Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Spring Walks


All walks are free and open to the public


Birding and Service Walks:


Saturday April 9, 8-10 am, Early Season Birding at Dunback Meadow

Early migrants will be our target, particularly Pine and Palm Warblers, but there may also be Phoebes, several sparrows, both kinglets and thrushes. Walk will be cancelled if it rains. Meet at Allen Street entrance opposite Pitcairn Place. (Co-sponsored with the Menotomy Bird Club)

Leader: Bobbie Hodson (781-861-9421, robertahodson@comcast.net


Saturday April 30 1-3 pm, Garlic Mustard Pull at Lincoln Park

Garlic mustard seeds can take up to 7 years to sprout, which requires repeated efforts to control and eradicate this aggressive invasive species. Come join CLC’s multi-year effort to pull this year’s progeny from along the pathways in Lincoln Park. Bring gardening gloves. Meet at the Fitness Path Trail entrance on Worthen Road across from the LHS playing fields.

Leader: Keith Ohmart (781-862-6216, kohmart@verizon.net


Saturday May 7, 8-10 am, Peak Migration Birding at Dunback Meadow

We’ll be on the lookout for a variety of migrants and breeding birds: warblers, swallows, vireos, and many more. Meet at Allen Street entrance opposite Pitcairn Place. (Co- sponsored with the Menotomy Bird Club)
Bobbie Hodson (781-861-9421,


Sunday May 8, 7-9 am, Warbler Walk in Lower Vine Brook

Warblers are small, beautiful tropical birds that fly north to breed. Over fifteen different species of warbler stop off in this sheltered area during their spring migration to the forests in northern New England and Canada. Depending on the weather and the foliage, you may see a dozen species in a morning. Children with adults are welcome. Wear boots if it’s wet, and bring binoculars and a bird book. No dogs. More than light rain or lightning will cancel the event. If the weather is uncertain call the leader. Meet at the entrance to the Lower Vine Brook conservation area opposite 121 Vine Street.

Leader, Harry West (671-461-9500, hwest2020@gmail.com


Wednesday May 11, 6:30-9 am, Western Greenway Bird Walk
The Western Greenway consists of over 1200 acres of interconnected open space in Waltham, Lexington, and Belmont. There has been little documentation of migratory or breeding birds in many parts of the Greenway. We will choose a section in Lexington that most likely few Menotomy Birders know or bird. Meet at Cart Path Lane, off Walnut Street in Lexington. 6:30-9:00AM (Co-sponsored with the Menotomy Bird Club)
Leader: Roger Wrubel (



Younger Naturalist Walks:


Sunday May 1, 1:00 pm, Children’s Book Walk at Lincoln Park

Join us as we stroll along through some of Lexington's field, forest, and wetland spaces, reading In the Tall, Tall Grass and looking for real-life characters from the story in our surroundings. Designed for preschool and young elementary children and their care-givers we'll bring a book to life as you enjoy the great outdoors. Meet at the entrance to the Lincoln Park Fitness Path on Worthen Road across from the Lexington High playing fields. Inclement weather will cancel the walk - check CLC website or email Walk Leader.
Walk Leader: Alex Dohan,


Wednesday May 4, 10:30 am, Children’s Book Walk at Lincoln Park

Join Cary Memorial Library for a StoryWalk(R)! We'll enjoy a walk while reading Denise Fleming's In the Tall, Tall Grass. The StoryWalk(R) is produced in partnership with The Citizens For Lexington Conservation and Cary Memorial Library.
Meet at the entrance to the Lincoln Park Fitness Path on Worthen Road across from the Lexington High playing fields. Inclement weather cancels.

Leader: Alissa Lauzon, alauzon@minlib.net


Saturday June 18, 10-11am, Family Nature Walk in Dunback Meadow

Bring the children and join us at the entrance to Dunback Meadow behind the Bowman School for a one-hour stroll through one of Lexington's lovely conservation properties. We will explore our surroundings and investigate whatever we find. Since it is Fathers' Day weekend, we especially invite dads and grand-dads to bring kids, but any and all family members are welcome. Inclement weather cancels. Check CLC web site, www.clclex.org . Leader: Alex Dohan, amdohan@gmail.com




General Nature Walks:


Friday May 13, 10-11 am, Stream Daylighting at Willards Woods

Have you been wondering about what is going on around the stream below the pond at Willard's Woods? This is your chance to hear about it from the project managers. The DPW Engineering Division has elected to open up a long culverted stream rather than simply replace the failing culvert. Town Engineers John Livsey and Dave Pavlik will explain the thought and processes that went into the project. Meet at the Willard's Woods North Street Parking Lot. Inclement weather will cancel.

Leader: Alex Dohan, amdohan@gmail.com


Saturday May 14, 10-11:30 am, Invasive Plant Identification

Plants are plants, right? Wrong! Find out why. Come on a walk in Dunback Meadow to identify some of the more common invasive plants and trees inhabiting our town and perhaps your backyard. Karen Longeteig has been studying invasive species and landscape design for 15 years, and will share some of her tips for dealing with these aliens. Park on Allen St. off of Waltham St. opposite the stone gateway lions. Rain date May 21st. Leader: Karen Longeteig (781-862-4094, karen.longeteig@gmail.com


Tuesday May 17, 10-11:30 am, Silver Sneaker Walk

Explore walking opportunities from the new Community Center along a leisurely 2 mile loop. The walk will include a foray into Dunback Meadow and a traverse of the Cotton Farm and Upper Vine Brook Conservation properties, utilizing sidewalks, quiet streets and graded footpaths. Meet at the entrance to the Community Center, 39 Marrett Road

Leader: Keith Ohmart (781-862-6216, kohmart@verizon.net)


Sunday May 22, 1:30 3:30 pm, ACROSS Lexington Route E

Take a walk with us on the newest ACROSS Lexington route! This 4.3 mile loop traverses Lincoln Park and two Town conservation parcels -- the Poor Farm and Meagherville Woods, while skirting the Pine Meadow Golf Course and Parker Meadow. Learn how the Poor Farm got its name, and the histories of Lincoln Park and the 97 acre Meagherville Woods property. Meet at the bikeway behind the Lexington Depot. Heavy rain cancels. Walk leaders: Peggy Enders peggyenders@gmail.com and Eileen Entin eileenhome@gmail.com


Monday June 6, 6-8 pm, Wild Edibles of Lexington’s Waysides

Lexington is home to over 70 species of edible wild plants, both native and non-native, including plants considered to be weedy or invasive. Some are more nutritious and/or flavorful than their cultivated counterparts. Join Russ Cohen, expert forager and author of Wild Plants I Have Known...and Eaten, on a two-hour ramble in and around Lincoln Park to learn about eighteen or more of these species. Russ will present information on identification tips, edible portion(s), season(s of availability and preparation methods, as well as general guidelines for safe and environmentally-responsible foraging. Meet at the Fitness Trail entrance at the crosswalk on Worthen Road across from the Lexington High playing fields. Leader: Russ Cohen eatwild@rcn.com


It's Garlic Mustard Pulling Season!


This spring, the Conservation Stewards, in partnership with Citizens for Lexington Conservation (CLC) and Friends of the Lexington Bikeway, will be hosting a number of garlic mustard pulling workdays.

Garlic-mustard is an invasive species originating in Eurasia and rapidly spreading through much of North America. It was originally imported in the nineteenth century as a kitchen garden herb and salad green. It is most aggressive in roadsides and shady, moist, rich forests, and may form dense colonies.

If you are interested in pulling garlic mustard in your own yard or along your favorite hiking trail, please

collect all plant material in plastic garbage bags and dispose of with your household trash. Garlic Mustard should not be disposed of with your yard waste and SHOULD NOT BE COMPOSTED.

Consider reporting the number of bags you collect to the New England Garlic Mustard Challenge. AFTER PULLING, COVER ANY EXPOSED SOIL WITH LEAF LITTER TO HELP PREVENT NEW GARLIC MUSTARD PLANTS FROM GERMINATING.

Alternatively, you can create a "Bad Pile" in your yard for garlic mustard and other invasive plants. However, DO NOT COMPOST! You DO NOT want garlic

mustard seed or other invasive seeds in your compost!!!!!

Garlic Mustard produces flowers by late May and slender seed pods shortly thereafter. DO NOT REMOVE IF PLANT HAS SET SEED!! Handling plants that have already set seed may cause the seeds to be dispersed to a wider area than the plant would do naturally.

If you see Garlic Mustard that has already set seed, make a mental note and return next spring to pull it!!


Garlic Mustard Pull Dates 2016

April 30th 1-3 pm Lincoln Park

Join Citizens for Lexington Conservation's multi-year effort in Lincoln Park. Meet at the Fitness Path Trail entrance on Worthen Road across from the LHS playing fields.

May 7th 9 am-12 pm Minuteman Bikeway

Join Friends of the Lexington Bikeway to pull along several areas of the commuter bikeway. Meet at the entrance to the bikeway behind the Fire Station at Camellia Way.

May 9th 3-5 pm Dunback Meadow

Join the Conservation Stewards to pull along the edge of Dunback Meadow at Philip Rd. Meet at the Bowman Elementary School field at the corner of Philip Rd. and Worthen Road E. (Parking in lot at corner of Philip Rd. and Worthen Road E).

May 10th 3-5 pm Dunback Meadow

Join the Conservation Stewards to pull along the northern edge of Dunback Meadow. Meet in the field at the corner of Marrett Rd. and Bacon St. (Parking on shoulder of Marrett Rd. or in parking area at Cotton Farm).

May 14th 9 a.m.-12 pm. Daisy Wilson Meadow

Join the Conservation Stewards to pull garlic mustard, clear brush, and remove other invasive species along Moreland Avenue and help improve the scenic quality of Daisy Wilson Meadow. (Parking along the shoulder of Moreland Avenue).

May 16th & 17th 3-5 pm Idylwilde

Join the Conservation Stewards to pull at the old community garden site; part of larger meadow restoration project. Meet in the field on the west side of the stream that runs through Idylwilde. (Parking in the community garden parking area on Middle St).

RSVPs are helpful, but walk-ins are welcome: contact Jordan McCarron, Conservation Stewardship Program Coordinator, at jmccarron@lexingtonma.gov or 781-698-4532.


Garlic Mustard Pulls for 2016
Garlic Mustard Pulls 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 192.0 KB

Volunteer Opportunity

Please let us know if you would be interested in working with CLC in any capacity. Could you write a piece for the Newsletter? Lead a walk? Work on the website? Take a leadership role on the Board? Help manage marketing/outreach? Drop us a line if you think you can help - we always welcome new faces!

New! Junior Ranger Program

CLC is sponsoring a new program for children - the Junior Ranger Program - aimed at getting kids out into Lexington's Conservation properties with games and activities. In conjunction with Cary Memorial Library we have a booklet to guide children and their parents. The kids will visit several different Conservation areas, fill out some activity sheets that will guide nature observation, and can, upon completion, receive a Junior Ranger Certificate from the Library.

You can find the Junior Ranger booklet here.


Take a look!

New Trail Guide to Lexington’s Conservation Land Now Available


The Lexington Conservation Stewards have created a new Trail Guide to Lexington’s Conservation Land, which includes color trail maps along with descriptions and historical information for Lexington’s 25 walk-able conservation areas. Covering nearly 30 miles of trails, it is an essential book for both veteran trail users and new explorers who’d like to discover the forests, fields, and wetlands in Lexington.


The Trail Guide to Lexington’s Conservation Land is available, for a minimum donation of $10, at the Town of Lexington Community Development Office located in the Town Offices Building at 1625 Massachusetts Avenue. Proceeds benefit the Lexington Nature Trust Fund, which helps to care for our 1300 acres of public conservation land.


More information about the Conservation Department

Hennessy Field Restoration Project
PDF of Powerpoint by Jordan McCarron explaining work to commence August 2015 at Hennessey Field
Hennessey Field Restoration Project Pres
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.0 MB

Check out ACROSS Lexington

Are you looking for a new route to walk, run or bike?

ACROSS Lexington is waiting for you - try it!

You can find route information here.

ACROSS Lexington stands for Accessing Conservation land, Recreation areas, Open space, Schools and Streets in Lexington.

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