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Citizens for Lexington Conservation was founded in 1967 in response to the pressing need for a conservation land acquisition program in Lexington. The successful efforts of CLC members in this area over the years are manifested today in the over 1000 acres of protected parcels throughout the town.


While land conservation is still a core concern, CLC’s range of activities includes both educational and advocacy efforts on a wide range of environmental issues. Some of the major activities that CLC engages in include:

  • Conducting an annual schedule of guided walks on town conservation parcels to educate Lexington citizens regarding their environmental heritage.
  • Publishing a semi-annual newsletter highlighting local environmental issues.
  • Maintaining a CLC website as a repository of environmental information pertaining to Lexington and an up-to-date source of information about current and upcoming activities.
  • Publishing a yearly candidate’s newsletter in which candidates for local elected positions are allowed to present their views on environmental issues affecting Lexington.
  • Supporting the acquisition, maintenance and preservation of open space in Lexington.
  • Providing a forum for advocacy efforts on behalf of local, regional and state-wide issues affecting the natural environment.
  • Formation of an action group focusing on the issue of lawn and other environmental pesticides.
  • Conducting annual invasive species eradication efforts.
  • Funding and supporting of a commemorative wildflower meadow in Lincoln Park

The challenge of maintaining a healthy and enjoyable environment in Lexington and beyond its borders is ongoing. We invite residents interested in working to preserve a quality environment to join us in this effort, both for the present as well as future generations of Lexingtonians to come.


CLC Officers
Chairperson: Eileen Entin
Secretary: Barbara Sidley
Treasurer: Roberta Hodson

Ready to join CLC or renew your membership? You can pay by credit card or use your PayPal account, or even do it the old-fashioned way (by mailing a check) at our membership page.

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Hayden Woods
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Shaker Glen
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Whipple Hill explorers
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