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Bring your enthusiasm and volunteer in Lexington's conservation community!


Walks Publicity Coordinator: Each spring and fall CLC sponsors a series of walks in conservation and open space. We are looking for someone to focus initially on walks publicity, and eventually to organize and broaden the types of walks we conduct. 


Events Coordinator: Each year, CLC features a speaker on conservation, resource, or environmental issues. To deepen and enlarge our educational focus, we are seeking a new film/speaker coordinator to take on the tasks of identifying, scheduling, and publicizing videos and speakers. Our plans are to offer 3-4 events per year as an exciting new way for CLC to continue to raise public awareness regarding local, regional and national environmental issues.


Conservation Restriction Monitors: CLC is in the process of acquiring conservation restrictions (CRs) on five Town-owned properties that were acquired in whole or in part with Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds. We are seeking individuals who are interested in helping to complete the remaining CR applications for three of the five parcels and/or participating in the annual monitoring of the properties. 


Recording Secretary. This position involves taking minutes at Board meetings and filing any forms required to maintain our status as a nonprofit organization. 

If you would like to know more about any of these positions, please contact Eileen Entin (eileenhome@gmail.com781-862-6418).



CLC is looking for a volunteer with a technical aptitude who enjoys organizing and paying attention to details. This person would manage the CLC database, using our Access 2007 data.


Duties would involve keeping track of names, addresses, dues status and email addresses of members, Town Meeting Members, Town Committee members, and candidates.


In addition, he or she would send emails about significant issues and events when requested by one of the co-chairmen of CLC, send out both the email and snail mail versions of our newsletter, and send out the questions we ask town candidates before elections.


The present holder of the position would be happy to provide any support needed.


If interested, please contact Judy Mello jmacmello@comcast.net

Do you have knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology or natural history of Lexington? Share your passion by writing an article for our newsletter or leading a walk with a theme of your choice in one of Lexington's conservation lands.
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Other Organizations

Lexington Conservation Stewards
The Lexington Conservation Stewards are a group of volunteers formed under the joint sponsorship of the Lexington Conservation Commission and Citizens for Lexington Conservation to help protect conservation lands in Lexington.


This is your chance to take part in Lexington’s popular trail-building program, sponsored by the Conservation Stewards and the Bicycle Advisory Committee. A Mass Highway grant supplies funds for the materials, as long as Lexington supplies the volunteer labor. Last year over 800’ of boardwalks were constructed, using nearly 600 hours of volunteer labor. Plans for this year are to construct well over twice that amount.

These boardwalks allow children to walk to school without using busy streets, provide hikers with earlier spring access to walking trails, and protect trails in fragile wetlands from damage caused by heavy use.


No particular skills are needed to participate. All tools and training are provided. Best of all, this is a great way to get out and enjoy the company of others from the community while engaged in a worthwhile effort to make our wonderful conservation lands more accessible to all.


Upcoming Projects

Many new volunteer opportunities will be available in the future.

Thank you for your help!

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Thank you!

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Hayden Woods
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Shaker Glen
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Whipple Hill explorers
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